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Norton Firewall Settings for NAS

Greetings Norton Community,

I recently set up a home Ubiquiti network with a NAS at home and my windows PC is consistently having trouble recognizing/connecting to it when I routinely need to execute massive file transfers.  Oftentimes and a forced shutdown and restart of the NAS alleviates this issue, however, after the PC goes to sleep and restarts the next day, the NAS disconnects.  I have a QNAP brand NAS and the Qfinder Pro app refers to firewall settings to ensure the NAS isn't blocked.  Navigating to the windows firewall settings page adivsed me that the firewall settings are managed by my Norton 360 subscription.  I'm very much a novice at this stuff so any insights as to how to get my NAS to play nice with the Norton 360 firewalls would greatly appreciated.


-NAS Troubleshooter