Using Google Chrome with Norton 360 Deluxe

Installed Norton 360 Deluxe/Utilities Unlimited on a new HP Envy i7 running Windows 11.  I found Windows Edge to be barely usable, so I wanted to go back to using Google Chrome as I did on a Micro Center i5 purchased in 2011 with Windows 7.

After I installed Norton, I installed Google Chrome.  Flurries of multiple confusing dialogs/popups came up (do you have to dismiss them in the order in which they appeared?).  I guess it was Norton (and not Chrome) that asked if I wanted to use their extensions (each popup rudely shoving its way to the front before disappearing).  Of course I said yes to everything that was offered, after all I previously used McAfee's WebAdvisor with Chrome with excellent performance.  The result was that I could not use Google Chrome at all!  Each attempt brought up Norton's cheesy browser, though with their WebAdvisor-like utility running.

I decided to forget about my original idea.  I uninstalled Chrome, removed all folders and files containing "Google" in their names, and reinstalled Chrome this time refusing the Norton extensions.

I plan to go back to McAfee after my Norton subscription runs out.