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Lifelock Ultimate Plus - Not Unlimited Licenses??

I purchased the Lifelock Ultimate Plus due to the fact, as stated on the website, they offer unlimited licenses  https://us.norton.com/products/norton-360-lifelock-ultimate-plus.

It appears this is no where near the case. 

I am only provided 20 licenses as per the My Norton portal and any time I contact customer service they state they cannot fix this and as a result, I'm unable to add additional licenses maxing out at 20.

Am I the only one who was lied to by Norton? Does anyone have a solution to this scam?



Re: Lifelock Ultimate Plus - Not Unlimited Licenses??

The link you provided says unlimited licenses but has an asterisk associated with that statement.

*  Usage: for non-commercial household use only. If you have issues adding a device, please contact us.


Re: Lifelock Ultimate Plus - Not Unlimited Licenses??

Yes, thank you. I am aware this is for non-commercial household use only. This does not explain why I'm only given 20 subscriptions and not unlimited for "non-commercial household use only".

I have contacted the Norton reps via chat and phone. Sadly, they explain that Norton does not issue more than 10 licenses at a time and would have to set me up with "dummy" Norton 360 premium subscriptions to handle the additional licenses which are set up for auto renewal at the Norton 360 premium annual price. Which I would require that I contact Norton annual to advise them to cancel the subscription and then again set up a new "dummy" Norton 360 Premium subscription. I can gladly show screen shots of My Norton subscription page. Or refer you to the multiple case numbers on my account.

This is not what I paid for and is not what is advertised.

Furthermore, the devices I have set up would have to re-login to My Norton account in the 360 dashboard from each device and re-register the device under this "dummy" subscription at each and every renewal cycle. This is an unreasonable ask.

Can anyone please advise why I am not given the proper unlimited licenses under the one subscription for the product I purchased?


Re: Lifelock Ultimate Plus - Not Unlimited Licenses??

Anyone have information on this?

I have contacted Norton via phone at three different phone numbers and via their chat. They are unable to provide me any solution.

One of the dummy subscriptions they set me up with is expiring in two weeks and they're making me renew and pay for the renewal of a Norton 360 Premium subscription. Any information from anyone would be helpful as no one at Norton is any help.

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