Norton for 2016 Android Tablet 7.1.1 OS - BEWARE

If you have an older Android that works just fine beware.  I thought I would update my Norton on my tablet.  I don't use the tablet that often, just checking email, reading, and back up DSLR photos when traveling to visit friends.  I am over 50 and not a tech.  I told the Norton rep on the phone that it was an older tablet and when he advised me to reinstall Norton - MISTAKE!  I specifically asked if there would be a software issue. My OS cannot be updated any more and is incompatible with the new Norton.  I keep records of EOS for programs I have and did not have the one for Norton on my OS but at least there was some protection.  Now there is none and on a fixed income, I would rather pay my gas and gasoline bill in California than buy a new tablet.