Symantec email proxy deletes important email

Symantec Email Proxy just permanently deleted an important email from an impeccable source - an Australian Government department. I registered my motor vehicle online - as I have done many times before. The receipt for payment and (most importantly) the registration confirmation were emailed to me as attachments (PDFs, I assume). But I never received them and can't retrieve them now that my session with the registrar of motor vehicles has expired. Instead of the expected email with documents attached, I received an unwelcome message from Symantec Email Proxy, smugly informing me, "Symantec Email Proxy deleted (your) email message".

This is an appalling breach of my privacy. I wasn't even asked if I wanted the email and documents deleted, nor given the opportunity to retrieve them. Blocking is one thing; but to permanently delete them‽

Norton is reminding me that my credit card needs updating before my upcoming subscription expiry/renewal. I won't be renewing my subscription.  This latest outrage is the last straw. I have found Norton to be a frustrating experience and it surprises me I have put up with it for over a decade. 

Can anyone suggest a good alternative.


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Re: Symantec email proxy deletes important email

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