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How to upgrade security deluxe to 360?

I have had Norton Security Deluxe for five years now. I would like to change it to 360. 

How can I do it? I can´t find anywhere how to do it. 

It says at your webpage that I could upgrade it for free but it is not possible. I pay now for 3 licences.



Re: How to upgrade security deluxe to 360?

When you see the upgrade offer, is there a link or button to click to start the upgrade? You say it is not possible. Is there some error message you see when you try?

If you still cannot figure it out, you can contact Norton Support and ask them to help with the upgrade.    www.norton.com/contactcs   If using the chat function, as soon as you can enter any information, enter "agent please". That will get you out of the chat bot and connected to a human.

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