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Unauthorized Charge to my Account

Has anyone else experienced what happened to me? A family member, whom I have authorized to use one of my Norton 360 Deluxe licenses, received an email offer from Norton for a free 60 day trial of Norton Utilities Ultimate. He signed up for the free trial period and, as requested, provided his personal contact information and personal credit card information. He did not enter my account to do this.  What happened is that my own personal account contact and credit card information was deleted by Norton and replaced with the information he supplied. At the end of the trial period the charges and billing/subscription changes would apply to my account. Fortunately, my email address wasn’t changed, and I received a congratulatory message about my great new software addition. That’s when I went into my account to see what was going on, and then called my family member. It is apparent that Norton treated this exactly as if I had personally requested the free trial to be added to my account.  I feel that Norton violated the security (and my trust) of my account. This should not have happened. Is Norton aware of this kind of problem?  I called the Norton help number and explained the situation to two different representatives. They were at a loss to explain why this happened.  I suggested to the tech support person that she refer the issue to someone or the group that might be interested in a situation that could cause a number of customers to become upset. She gave me a case number and said that she would do so. Time will tell.  By the way, I did change back the contact and billing information, and I cancelled the end of trial period auto charge for the added software.  As an extra precaution I also changed the password.  In case someone is wondering, the authorized user is out of state, uses his own laptop, and does not have my account user ID and password.  I am using a desktop.  Both computers use Windows 10.  Finally, do I need a solution? Yes! I don’t want this to happen again to me or to anyone else.