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Time limit shared between devices

Will there ever be a way to share the time limit between devices for a single child? I saw this asked over a year ago and it was suggested it would be added soon, but I cannot seem to find a way to do it. As it stands, it is almost pointless to have time limits at all if a child has more than one device as the amount of micromanagement for a parent is extreme. Add in that everything can only be done in 30 minute intervals, no way to set time parameters for more than one day at a time (or for all 7 days, but cannot even do weekdays and weekends without having to manually do each day), or even a simple way to quickly add one off time (such as here is an extra 30 minutes today, but only today, not EVERY Saturday).

Really, more than just the question about how to share time between devices for a single child, but as a whole will "Time" be made more functional and parent friendly in the future? And if so, is there a roadmap that gives an idea of when it will be?



Re: Time limit shared between devices

Hi @Maceman121

Thank you for your valuable suggestions. We will take it up with management for the following ones

  1. Share the time limit between all devices of a child
  2. Reward the child with a one off additional time just for today

Here are some suggestions that might help you as of now

  • There is a provision to apply the current day preferences to all days. It can be found here

  • A variant of one off reward is available. Upon reaching blocked hours or daily time limit is exhausted, child can request an extension for x amount of time. It becomes available when parent approves it.


Norton Family Team

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