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Norton VPN - consider my home network as unsecure/compromised


I have issue with norton VPN and my network. I think my network is secured enough (updated router, WPA2, strong password, disabled WPS, DNS over https) but norton vpn consider my network as unsecure or compromised and automatically turn on VPN.

Can I found somewhere why my home network is considered as unsecure? I would like to know what is wrong so I can mitigate risks and improve security. 




Re: Norton VPN - consider my home network as unsecure/compromised

There is no user accessible log of what is being detected.

Has this always been happening, or did it just start recently? 

Try power cycling your router, and restart your computer and test. Be sure you are using the Restart command. Not Shutdown and startup again if you have Windows Fast Startup feature enabled. If you use Windows 8/8.1, 10 or 11, there can be an issue with the Windows Fast Startup feature.. See more information here.


Re: Norton VPN - consider my home network as unsecure/compromised

I have a similar issue. Have multiple devices connected to my home WIFI Network with a router provided by my internet provider. It is password protected and secure (up to this point). I am getting notifications from Norton off and on throughout the day that "VPN has turned on because XXXX WIFI network has been compromised".  The notifications only appear on my iphone but not the other devices.   When I check the Norton dashboard it says WIFI is secure.  This has been going on now for about a week or so.  I tried removing the Norton App for the phone and reinstalling it thinking it was a glitch in the app.  That did not solve the problem, so I am wondering if my home WIFI Network really has been compromised? How can I clear up this issue?

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