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Norton Cleanup Task Popups after Installing Windows 10

Similar to this ticket (https://community.norton.com/en/forums/norton-cleanup-task-be-causin-meh...)that was closed with no resolution, there is no solve for this I am aware of other than disabling. That is not what I pay for, so I need something better than that. It took me 2 frustrating days to narrow it down to this task, and I have no idea why Windows 11 upgrade caused it when 10 did not have this issue. 

The issue is that it's setup to run every 20 min and cannot be changed nor has updates per the last user identified in December 2022. It is not only an annoying popup but it stops whatever you are doing when it occurs. This issue is approaching the McAfee level of disturbance/issue. 

Can someone at Norton address this since I have my renewal coming up and this will heavily factor in that decision.