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Error en el navegador Norton Safe Web

When I try to type in the Norton Safe Search bar and press enter or the space bar on my keyboard, Norton takes me out of the page, which prevents me from typing search terms, making it impossible to perform a "search". safe" in Norton Safe Search. A contradiction in efficiency and in the logic of Norton security. This, then, because one used in a normal Google search engine or other browsers ends... and without the protection. So one wonders: What is the logic of this? And then I ask myself other questions: Is there a solution to this? Or is it that I have a "layer 8" problem in my mind?

On the other hand, I highly appreciate Norton's performance in all other aspects. I will appreciate any advice regarding this inconvenience of "layer 8" or of other kinds.

Thank you.

system: windows 10

Norton 360 Delux,  Google Chrome