Warning: I'm getting pfshing emails "from Norton"

Just to warn folks, I received several emails (in hotmail Junk folder) over a couple days w/diff names in From field. Subjects are "Services resumed" or "Devices support" or "Renewal notice". Message field contains "Norton" as part of message. I did NOT open them but can see 1st part of message. Instead of opening those emails or clicking on links or the phone # in those emails, I exited email, opened my browser, went to my Norton account to confirm settings. I'm going to have to change my password on that email account. Be careful!



Re: Warning: I'm getting pfshing emails "from Norton"

Good for you for catching the scam emails. These are not just sent out pretending to be Norton. I have receive similar emails supposedly from McAfee and Microsoft. 

Anyone that is suspicious of an email from "Norton" can check the senders email address against this information.  Is this email from Norton legitimate?

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