Design of the UI

Norton for Windows I love I even love it more that it has a full VPN with no data cap. But I think the design and layout of Norton and how you turn the VPN could be much better. First I don't like the New View at all I like and use the Classic View. But there is no way to turn on the the VPN from that view. You have to click a botton that opens up the New View and from there you can turn on the VPN. I think you should be able to turn it on easy in both Views. I think there should be a easier way to turn it on. Unless I am missing something.
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Re: Design of the UI

I think you bring up a valid point for the VPN and the Classic view.

Actually the design of the UI should be completely overhauled in my opinion. The current UI is very old and tired looking and I do not see a need for both Classic and MyNorton view. A clean fresh working UI is what we all want.

Does anybody know if a new UI is in the works?

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