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Computer xxxx wants to access identityservicesd

Norton 360 is blocking a computer "xxnn:nx::nnxn:nnnn:xnx:xnnn" from accessing "identityservicesd" and asks if I want to allow this.  The computer "name" appears to be similar to an IPV6 address (I substituted "x" for a letter and "n" for a number).  On my Mac, "identityservicesd" deals with 3rd party credentials.  

I have a Macbook Pro 16" (2019) running latest version of Ventura (13.3.1).

Anyone else experiencing this and have a solution?



Re: Computer xxxx wants to access identityservicesd

This also occurs for me when I try using the "Find My" app on my macbook, with Norton 360 installed. I have checked the devices connected to my wireless router and none of them have an IPv6 address similar to the one presented in the popup. I basically block it and try to see what complains.

Wondering if it would be possible to get an explanation from the experts here? That would help ease my mind.

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