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Request for better technical support for Arabic-speaking users


I am a loyal Norton customer and I appreciate the products and services you offer. However, I would like to request some improvements in the technical support for Arabic-speaking users. Here are some suggestions:

Add a chat option to the support website so that we can communicate with the agents in real time and get faster solutions.
Add more phone numbers for other countries besides Saudi Arabia and UAE. Some of us live in different regions and we need local support numbers that are accessible and affordable.
Update the product  pages on the official website to include Arabic language and instructions. Some of us are not fluent in English and we need clear guidance on how to activate our products.
I hope you will consider these requests and make the necessary changes to enhance the customer experience for Arabic-speaking users. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Sincerely, A Norton user



Re: Request for better technical support for Arabic-speaking users

you has to add it under Product Suggestions

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