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Upgrade to 360

OK, the last two years i had issues getting my renewal done properly.

They offered a free update/upgrade to 360.

Now I want it to avoid them screwing up my renewal.   Now I can not find it anywhere.  No hint of a free upgrade/update.

Any advice?  at this point I am wondering what is a good replacement for Norton - pretty frustrated



Re: Upgrade to 360

Who is screwing up your renewal?  
What is screwing up with your renewal?  
What Norton protection are you running, now?  Are you running Norton 360?

Activate or renew your Norton subscription


Norton account My Subscriptions > https://my.norton.com/extspa/account/subscriptions
Upgrade Now

Upgrade Now offers a higher plan > for example:


Upgrade your Norton protection
You can upgrade to a higher plan based on your needs and the number of devices. 


No hint of a free upgrade/update.

I don’t see the option to upgrade. How can I upgrade? ›
Contact Member Services & Support to find out if you have any upgrade offers available to your plan.



Re: Upgrade to 360

Neil T related:

Paid for subscription, now norton wants me to pay again for the included vpn

Why does Norton overcharge me every year?


Re: Upgrade to 360

Do you want to cancel Automatic Renewal Service?

Please check your Norton account to confirm....Automatic Renewal Off....and no billing information. 

Stop your Norton subscription from automatically renewing

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