How to remove "malicious web site"from ios . Listed on protection report.

How do I tell if malicious site removed?  I do not know at what point it was detected as nothing alerted me. Scans are run daily by schedule and additionally manually. Android app shows number on icon if issue found . Is there away for iOS to do same?

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Re: How to remove "malicious web site"from ios . Listed on protection report.

A malicious web site is blocked by Norton 360. It does not allow the site to load, so nothing gets onto your device. Nothing to remove. 

As long as you have the Safe Web feature enabled in the Security > Internet Security section of the 360 iOS app, you should be alerted when you try to access a malicious web site. What may have been detected is an app on your device that tries to connect to what Norton considers a questionable site in the background. In that case you might not see a notice as Norton does its job in the background.

Unfortunately, the iOS 360 app does not have a user accessible log to view what Norton is doing. And it does not do scans as such. The protection in 360 iOS is done in real time. There is no malware protection in Norton 360 on an iOS device. See this article from howtogeek . com for an explanation of why it is not necessary.

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