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NO license Available when adding new device

Just re-upped with Norton 360 by buying a new subscription (not renewing).  Installed on PC fine but when I try and update on my phone I keep getting a "No License Available" even though I have plenty! On my tablet it is still showing the old subscription which will expire in a couple of days...How do I update all my devices with new subscription without having to actually renew them (and pay again)



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Re: NO license Available when adding new device

You could first wait until the old subscription has expired and see if the 360 app prompts you to sign into your Norton Account to pick up the new subscription.

Or, if you are using Android devices you can clear the app data which will reset the activation data. Go into Android Settings - Apps. Scroll to the 360 app and clear the app cache and app Data. Restart the device. This will reset your 360 to a trial version. To get the full version back, open the 360 app, then tap Sign In to log into your Norton Account. Enter your Norton Account information and you should have the full version again. Last time I did this I was presented with a choice of which subscription to use. Choose your new subscription.

If you are using an iOS device, you will need to reinstall the 360 app to clear the data.

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