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Norton 360 used 4.7 GB in a few days on Apple 14 Pro

I have a 20 GB allowance a month before they slow my cellular service, and in just a few days, I noticed that Norton 360 used 4.7 out of 4.8 of my cellular data for the month. For those of you that do not know, you can see how much cellular data each program uses in your iPhone. Go to settings, then Cellular, and scroll down to where it says, Cellular Data. You can reset the current period at the very bottom of the page. I started to do this at the being of my billing cycle. In a few days, Norton used 4.7 GB out of 4.8 GB used from all the other programs. I quickly turned off Norton's ability to use cellular data. You can do this with the toggle next to the program. The programs will be listed from the most used cellular data, so Norton was on top, with Music in second with 40 MB.

I did do a clean install of Norton 360 on my desktop a few days before as I was having hundreds of Statistical Submissions Reports being submitted.   https://community.norton.com/en/forums/hundreds-statistical-submission

Why did Norton use so much Cellular Data when I use Wi-Fi at home? Do I need Norton to be able to use Cellular Data to protect my phone? Did the Statistical Submissions Reports being submitted have anything to do with it? Does Norton VPN use Cellular Data?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you



Re: Norton 360 used 4.7 GB in a few days on Apple 14 Pro

Does anyone from Norton read any of the posts from this forum? I found one (1) similar post about Norton using lots of cellular data, and the answer was


"Hello Bim. Please see my screenshot of NMS on my Android device ( I do not own an Apple devices, sorry ). Just showing an example that there has to be something with your device usage, streaming, etc. that is killing your data. Your listing indicates that. Also!  Keep in mind that doing a factory reset will cause the device to download updates for the OS right out of the box. If there are security / firmware updates those can be larger files"

He had a screenshot showing Norton using 4.53 GB of cellular data but said it was something else. Am I missing something because the op clearly said Norton was using it? I am confused because only 30% of the rest of the cellular data, which would be about 2.1 GB, is used for everyday tasks, which seems normal. This answer says that streaming and firmware updates are the cause of high cellular data being used. 

The OP posted.

"Norton Mobile Security has taken away 70% of my cellular data usage". and also said, "I opened the setting app to see my cellular data usage, then I found out the NMS app has taken away 4.8GB of data usage".

The 4.8 data usage is similar to mine, as well as the screenshot, so is the answer that it is normal for Norton to use 4.8 GB of cellular data? Will it use this high amount every week, month, or year? What is the answer?

It is great that people donate their time to help people in this community forum, and I do not mean to criticize him. I appreciate the time that he spends and wish Norton could contribute just as much. I only want clarification on the answer. The OP thanked him for his answer; no other comment was ever given. I do not think the answer helped him with his question. I sent him a private message asking if he could help me with my problem. This is my message to him.


Thank you for helping people that have questions on this forum. I admire the time and effort you give to do this, and I am sure it is not easy. I read one of your comments, and I am not sure if you misworded or misunderstood the post. Either way, I have the same question, and hopefully, you can help me understand what you were saying to him. The post is, 


Take a look at it, and you will see your answer. The screenshot you posted seems to indicate that it is normal for Norton to use that amount of GB on your Android, and the amount of 4.53 GB matches his amount, and that would be a good start to support the answer. However, you said it was not and said it was from streaming or firmware updates. Aside from Norton, the rest of the data usage was only 30%, and he knows for a fact because the iPhone tells you exactly what is using the data. So he knows Norton is the app that is using 70%. I think you misunderstood the question or worded it wrong by mistake. If not, please explain to me your answer. I had the same problem when Norton used 4.7 GB, closer to 95% of the total data used by all the other processes combined.

Is it normal for Norton to use that much data? Will it continue to use that much data, and if so, how much a day, week, or month will it use? I only have 20 GB of data monthly, and I can not afford Norton to use all of it in a week. Hopefully, you can help me understand why Norton uses so much cellular data and if it is necessary for it to allow it to do so because, as of now, it is turned off to use cellular data.

Thank you for the time and effort you do to help this community forum.


Re: Norton 360 used 4.7 GB in a few days on Apple 14 Pro

The image in the other thread shows 4.53 MB not GB. 

Here is a Norton Support article that explains why Norton is shown to use excessive data use, when if fact it is not.   https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v130715802

Check in your account from your cell provider's web pages to see how much data you have actually used.

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