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VPN regularly blocks MS Office Apps. 'Help'

It appears Norton VPN regularly blocks MS Office Apps. 'Help', (MS Access at moment), on my machine with "No Internet connection" error message. I am in Australia and have a slow internet connection (USB powered Wi-Fi Dongle). VPN is usually slow, 1-3 second delay, accessing servers in USA? I am using my ISP's DNS IPV4 settings. I have tried "Re-Install", "Online Repair", "Reset - Repair" and added MSACCESS.exe to the Split Tunnel, none of which give a permanent fix.

Is there a "Help" .exe file I should add to the "Split Tunnel"? or a Firewall configuration change? 

Also, "My Norton" regularly fails to load "Parental Control" and "Dark Web Monitoring" in "My Norton" window.



Re: VPN regularly blocks MS Office Apps. 'Help'

Hello K3John. Add the executables for your Office programs into the split-tunnel feature. Start with MSACCESS.EXE and see how that works out. Add the other executables when you determine functionality of at least one.


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