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How to contact the lifelock team to get support for my subscription

I have two subscriptions from Norton Lifelock since 6 years ago.

I was trying to contact the CS team for years (by both fax and phone calls). Like:

1, I can not log in; 2, I want to report/claim a data loss. 

But I could not get response until now. Usually how can we contact the Norton Lifelock team? Thanks.


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Re: How to contact the lifelock team to get support for my subscription

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~ My topic is not listed above -> I still need help -> Sign In -> Chat Now / View Phone Number

  • In Chat dialog click "Manage my account" -> click "Something else" -> type "Live Agent" -> until you see "I am transferring you to a specialist for further assistance". 

What's your geo-location/country?  Are you United States?
Maybe, I can post Norton Support phone number, if you want. 

LifeLock by Norton users may call number/s listed on LifeLock by Norton contact page.


Member Services and Support
Visit the secure LifeLock member portal or My Norton for self-service options and quick answers to most questions.



LifeLock Customer Service - 1-800-LifeLock - 1 (800) 543-3562
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection services - 855-993-1976
Cybersecurity department for LifeLock - 800-745-6061


Re: How to contact the lifelock team to get support for my subscription

Thank you for all the information. I am trying to contact them again. In the last two years, I tried to fax and call the cs team many times. No response yet. I also asked at Norton’s website and no progress I remember. Usually how to find a good specialist? I need to file a data loss.

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