I only have a Basic Firewall?

I only have a BASIC firewall.  And I'm vulnerable to attacks?

Yes, I'm running Norton 360. 

Since AVG is in the Norton family now... they would not lie.

These "4 Security Issues" must be fixed.

What an outrage!  Oh the indignity.

Ok, I must get busy reading all the Norton popups and spam now. 

Thank goodness Norton family member AVG can also spam me now.

Thank you



Re: I only have a Basic Firewall?

They Lie they say that to get you to go to them when i got avg tuneup they told my i got a bad antivirus many times ore somting elles


Re: I only have a Basic Firewall?

Did you download the AVG driver updater software, or is this a popup you received? If a popup while browsing, you seem to have gotten a malformed ad that redirected you to this phony warning, trying to get you to click on the Resolve Now button to purchase their product.

An ad blocker extension in your browser should stop these redirects.


Re: I only have a Basic Firewall?

Yeah, I purchased/downloaded the Pro version of the AVG Driver Updater.  

So not a redirect nor a random popup.

It's just Norton family products doing what they do...  as paid products, they dig around your computer uninvited and then spam you.

It's 'funny' how much Norton family member AVG disses Norton though.

On the Driver Updater --- I will say this.

On some websites, the 'common wisdom' is that the Norton Driver Updater is just a rebrand of AVG (or Avast).

Does not appear to be the case (at least for AVG).

As Norton was digging around my computer to spam me for the Norton Driver Updater, they presented several different drivers that needed to be updated not listed by the AVG Driver Updater Pro.

So I'm going to guess they are different products.  

Driver Easy is still the driver updater King.  They have the Most sure updates (noticed that Norton Driver updater has been crashing some computers), is one of the best in terms of number of drivers they update, and as far as I know -- the best customer service.  When you send an email, a person responds.  A real person -- who can help.  

But when the Norton Driver Updater product gets a bit more refined... I'll give it a go. 

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