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Norton 360 services always turns off with android

after calling and approving a norton tech control my device (he did what I have to do on a regular basis / turn it back on). I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I open the app it says under "Security" - attention required. I open "Security" it says Norton 360 needs permissions to enable important security features - permission setup - turn on - accessibility - norton 360 needs permissions to collect data about web sites visited and apps viewed on google play - (then to "Accessibility" Norton 360 service is OFF. Norton 360 service - "Use Norton 360 Service to ON - Allow Norton 360 service to have full control of your device? - Allow. I went through all the permissions and allowed Norton complete control of everything. No matter what I do I have to do this over and over. I turn it on, use the phone, recheck and Norton 360 services security requires attention have to go through this process every time I check.



Re: Norton 360 services always turns off with android

What device and Android version are you using?

Something to check is in Android Settings. Look for any battery optimizations and be sure your 360 app has no optimization set up. 


Re: Norton 360 services always turns off with android

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From your other thread....

Moto g play - 2023. Android version 12.

Checked battery settings and turned off adaptive battery limiting battery for apps that you don't use. Norton security still needs attention - turns norton 360 service off. Thank you for responding. I like norton service & hope we can fix it or fix me.

I checked "accessibility" in phone settings, under "Norton 360 service" > not working. tap for info > shows norton 360 service & norton 360 service shortcut both on with a circle with i in center and message:

This service is malfunctioning.

Try uninstalling the 360 app and restart your device. Reinstall 360 and set the services again and test.


Before trying that, another user had the same issue and found it was an issue with the Norton Service shortcut feature of Android. Try turning that off and testing.

I have now deactivated the Norton Service shortcut, now it works and the Service 360 no longer switches off. Anyway, thanks for the answer.

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