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Safe Web is only showing "Ratings" against "Sponsored" results in Google Search results?

Hi, I've not used my Windows laptop (Windows 10 pc) for a couple of days, but today I noticed that any Google search results in Chrome did not show any Norton Safe Web "Ratings" (green tick, etc.) against them!   

After a lot of playing around, disabling & re-enabling Safe Web, looking at Chrome Manage Extensions, restarting Chrome, restarting my pc, I also uninstalled Safe Web, then reinstalled and restarted my pc again, etc.   None of this has resulted in the Ratings reappearing against ALL Google Search results, except I have now noticed....... 

Still using Chrome, I carried out a different generic search (Car insurance) and this produced Search results with a number of "paid for" results at the top (and also bottom) of the page, that are marked in bold "Sponsored".   These all did have a "Ratings" green tick ("check", in the US), but none of the non-Sponsored results showed anything!   

Is this a glitch in a latest update of Norton Safe Web, or of Chrome?   

Or could Google have made any changes to their Search Engine to encourage people to click on paid for "Sponsored" links, that allows various safe web browsing technologies (such as Norton Safe Web), to show them as safe, with all other search results being left unidentified / ambiguous as to their safety to click on?   

Thanks in advance for any help with settings I may need to change, or else for Norton to investigate!   



Re: Safe Web is only showing "Ratings" against "Sponsored" results in Google Search results?

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