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Rediscovering Norton's Legacy: Protecting Users, Not Nagging Them

Subject: Rediscovering Norton's Legacy: Protecting Users, Not Nagging Them

Dear Norton 360 Team,

I hope this message finds you well and open to constructive feedback. As someone who has been a part of the Norton community for years, I felt compelled to share my perspective on the evolution of security software and the potential pitfalls of straying too far from its true purpose.

In the past, Norton was synonymous with reliable protection that operated seamlessly in the background. It was a guardian that worked tirelessly to defend users from digital threats without demanding their constant attention. This quiet but resolute approach fostered trust and loyalty among users, which was a testament to the software's effectiveness.

The fundamental role of security software is to provide an unobtrusive layer of defense, ensuring that users can engage in their online activities without being bombarded by unnecessary notifications or distractions. This harmony between protection and usability is the hallmark of a quality security solution.

Norton was once renowned for its commitment to user experience. It discreetly scanned files, identified potential threats, and updated virus definitions without interrupting the user's workflow. This symbiotic relationship allowed users to go about their tasks with confidence, knowing that Norton was diligently safeguarding their digital space.

It's important to understand that when security software deviates from its core purpose and begins to resemble nagware or a marketing platform, it risks alienating its user base. By introducing intrusive pop-ups and incessant offers, the very trust that once defined Norton's reputation is eroded. Users who sought reliable protection are now left feeling frustrated and bombarded.

By stepping too far above the nagware parapet, companies risk becoming targets themselves. The barrage of criticism from frustrated customers can easily take down the reputation that took years to build. It's a delicate balance to strike, and by prioritizing user experience over constant marketing, a company can maintain its reputation and user loyalty.

I urge you to take a step back and reflect on Norton's legacy. Rediscover the principles that made Norton a name to be trusted. Return to the ethos of unobtrusive protection, where the software operates diligently in the background, shielding users from harm without demanding their attention. This approach not only preserves Norton's reputation but also restores the faith of disillusioned users.

Thank you for considering my perspective. I believe that by acknowledging and rectifying these concerns, Norton 360 can reclaim its standing as a leader in the security software industry.

A Dedicated User With High Hopes



Re: Rediscovering Norton's Legacy: Protecting Users, Not Nagging Them

I think you are voicing the opinion of many users from what I see on the forum & community along with my own feelings. We don't want all this floss, just back to a plain programme that does what it originally set out to do. Things like software updater & now driver updater appear to be 'not fit for purpose', ruining users computers when run & completely trashing the Windows operating system. Seems a lot of postings where users are 'moving on' to another less intrusive programme. As they say, no customers - no business.

There is a setting that prevents all sales offers etc. coming thru', I have this turned off but Norton totally ignores the users wishes in this respect & still it comes thru. - currently have 5 items in My Norton that cannot be stopped, all touting for for more  'subscriptions'.

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