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how to enable my nortons utilities PREMIUM it is Disabled

I tried the Free trial of utilities ultimate i definitely would not pay for it. During the trial My subscription to utilities premium was disabled i want it enabled again as i will under no circumstances be using utilities ultimate.


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Re: how to enable my nortons utilities PREMIUM it is Disabled

Are you using a Norton Utilities Premium, NUP, that was included as the free bonus for having Auto Renewal set up for your 360 Subscription? If so, there are changes to this free offer. Norton is no longer offering the free NUP for having auto renew set up on 360. The NUP activation will end when any of these things occur.

  • You turn off auto renewal for your 360 subscription.
  • Your current 360 subscription that originally gave the free NUP expires. Even if you kept auto renew enabled.


As a "Loyal" Subscriber to Norton 360 I was given a subscription free for Norton Utilities Premium. This was due to expire in 2050.  I was disappointed and annoyed when I found the free subscription "Disabled" and was required to reactivate. The steps to achieve this were followed a number of times and was unsuccessful.


Norton used to offer the free subscription to Norton Utilities Premium, NUP, when you enabled Automatic Renewal for 360. This offer is no longer available, but if you purchased/renewed your 360 subscription just before Norton stopped this offer, your subscription may still get the benefit of this free offer. If this is the case, that is why you see the NUP subscription expiring in 2050. Norton had to plug in a date for the interface to display. But because the initial offer was not to expire, they chose a date far in the future.

Just be aware that if the above scenario for your 360 subscription renewal dates is what you have, when your subscription renews next time, the free NUP will not longer work. Even if you still have Automatic Renewal enabled. 


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