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Secure VPN (standalone app) stays enabled

I'm having the exact same problems with Norton VPN as described in the thread below. This time it's happening in the Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN app, version 3.7.3 for iOS (i.e. standalone app, not Norton 360 Antivirus & VPN).


This bug needs to be addressed as soonest.



Re: Secure VPN (standalone app) stays enabled

Did you just update your iOS to ver 17.x.x.? It might have something to do with that. 

Do you also have the Norton 360 on your device? Have you tried using the VPN function in 360?

Time to try sending logs. There is no specific log collection for the standalone VPN, but the 360 logs may pick up enough system info to be useful. 

Please send logs to Norton to help diagnose your problem.

Start by opening iOS settings on your device and scroll down to the bottom where the apps are listed. Tap on the Norton  360 app and tap to Enable Debug Log.  

Now use your device until it causes the issue you are having. Then open the 360 app and tap on the three bars at the top left, then tap Help. Tap on Send Error Report and fill in any information requested. In your submission, please include "forum 'your username' " in the Case ID section of the report. Also include a link to this thread. 

If you do send logs, please let me know and I'll notify my contacts to look for them.


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