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Norton Family not workin on my kids TCL phone

Hi, I have installed and reinstalled Norton Family in my kids TCL Android phone. Ev we rytime I do, I get the message "my kid turned accessibilty off". When I get in the Norton app in her phone, I can only access a browser". I am unable also to see my kid location or lock her phone. Thanks.



Re: Norton Family not workin on my kids TCL phone

Hi @Pepelui,

Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family Forum.

We can confirm from our backend logs that the accessibility permission has been tampered with by your child in his/her TCL device. Kindly ensure that the permission is enabled again to allow supervision and Instant Lock to work. We would also recommend you to block the Settings app in that device with App Supervision so that no other permission can be tampered with going forward.

There is also a mismatch between the system timezone of your child devices and the timezone of your parent account. Please try and synchronise the timezones so that Time Curfew and other related features can work effectively. You can change the timezone of your account from the Norton Family Web Portal or the parent app ( Hamburger Menu ☰ -> Settings -> Timezone).

Finally, regarding the location issue, we are sorry to inform you that the Location Feature is not supported in your country. Please refer this document for more details.

Norton Family Team.

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