InPrivate mode required for some web sites

I have discovered a few of my routine web sites do not work unless I choose InPrivate mode in EDGE.  Some do not let me log on at all, and others let me log on, but some functions just do not work in a normal mode.  I use Norton Password Manager to log into these sites.  Is it possible to enhance Password Manager to be able to edit a particular Password Manager Login profile and set a flag (provide a checkbox) to use InPrivate mode when the login is selected?  Right now, I just have a note to go into InPrivate mode, but I don't always see this note.  I have been able to enable Password Manager in InPrivate mode, so I can just always start a new InPrivate window and do all my work from there.


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Re: InPrivate mode required for some web sites

Maybe, submit issues with Norton Feedback 

Fix Norton Password Manager web form autofill problems

If the Norton Password Manager does not autofill the web form in a specific website, report it through Norton Feedback. 

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