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Norton Secure VPN for PC

I made an honest mistake purchasing this product as it appeared to me on the packet in store, it was superior to the VPN with Norton 360 Premium.  This turned out to be a problem for me as you can't transfer this licence to another device (PC's in this case) once installed. Anyway I eventually spoke to a Norton Service person and right from the start he kept saying he could help me and sort out the issue. He suggested, I could be compensated by going with extending an existing Norton 360 one year licence by one year. Obviously this would mean uninstalling the Norton Secure VPN licence and not using it permanently.  Note here, that in Australia right now the price for Norton Secure VPN for one year is $43.00 & Norton 360 Premium is $24.00 for one year.  However, he would only compensate me at the rate of his prices.  So instead of receiving another year of a Norton 360 licence for free which seemed more than reasonable, this Service person would have me out of pocket around  $100 or more !  When I said this was crazy and made little sense, after showing this man the Australian prices online, he said I didn't know what I was talking about and became more irritated.  I've been a Norton Client for years and even sold their product as a reseller for well over 15 years.  If Norton want to show any goodwill here I suggest they come up with something a little more reasonable. Bad PR Norton ! You can do better than this.



Re: Norton Secure VPN for PC

Sorry for late reply. 

It would seem that from the prices you quoted for VPN and 360 subscriptions, if the agent removed the VPN subscription and extended your 360 subscription by a year, the worst you lost would be $19. I don't see where you believe you are out $100. Or are you saying you do not already have a 360 subscription? If so, you could purchase your $24 360 Premium subscription and then have that Support agent add the time to that new subscription.  Still much less than the $100 you mention.

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