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"Threats Detected" but file reported does not exist

(BTW - my subscription says "Norton AntiVirus" but this is not available in the Product/Service dropdown)

OS is Windows (7 but not sure this is relevant)

Norton keeps reporting that 'Risks in compressed file "Trash" have been detected. '

The file Trash is in fact "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\egyyqwjd.default\ImapMail\\INBOX.sbd\Trash

1) The file currently does not exist and still Norton reports as above.

2) When the file does exist it is not "compressed" in any normal sense - it contains the ascii text of emails manually deleted by a user of Thunderbird (an email client program). Emails are 'managed' using a partner file Trash.msf (which presumably contains offsets/indexes into the 'data' file Trash - linux thinks this file is SGML and it is again ascii text).

I have manually checked the file Trash (with an editor on a Linux system) when it does exist and it contains none of the threats detailed in the Norton report - an example threat is shown below:



[Contained in] Unknown08655285.data

[Contained in]


I have emptied Trash using Thunderbird, rebuilt the indexes using Thunderbird and confirmed that even when either the file Trash does not exist or it is zero bytes in length and the Trash.msf file is in its initial state (about 3k bytes) - I've rebooted the machine, not started the Thunderbird email client and let the machine hum for a while Norton proceeds to report as above.

My only remaining thought is that Norton has some "historic" record/file that it keeps processing internally and it then throws up the warning. I am loathed to agree to the "Quarantine" option as Norton reports that the file is too big to quarantine - who knows what it may choose to delete !

Any ideas how to clear this ?