Full System Scan using Reputation Information

With the beta version of Norton Internet Security 2011, I understand that a user can execute a (1) “Scan Now > Reputation Scan > Full System Scan” which only scans executable files (e.g., *.EXE, *.SCR, *.DLL, etc.) using both in-the-cloud reputation information and anti-malware signatures; or (2) a traditional Full System Scan which scans every file on the PC using only anti-malware signatures.

It would be advantageous to have a third option:  a “reputation enabled” Full System Scan that examines all files on the PC using anti-malware signatures and, for the subset of files that are executable, also evaluates their trustworthiness based upon in-the-cloud reputation information.  This is more convenient than running two separate scan operations in succession and avoids scanning the executable files with anti-malware signatures twice.