Disable Background Notifications option.

I would like to see the addition of a feature that will disable the nusance pop-up stating that the program is running programs in the background. If I have a virus feel free to bring up a pop up but don't tell me there is something running in the background.. I watch movies and such on the computer and when I need to pause the video and the pop-up is in the way and the video doesn't pause it is VERY frustrating.

Like I said, If there is something truely important, then by all means let me know, but I don't care if the program is doing something while idle. let me turn off that annoying nusance of a pop-up notification window.

(sorry if this is mentioned before I just wanted to make sure my point is brough across to you all, If it works great, if not mayby another program will have that kind of feature.



Re: Disable Background Notifications option.

I agree. If I am away from the keyboard my screen saver turns on as it should but when this annoying popup appears it kills the screen saver until I close the notification. I did not have a problem like this until I updated to the newest product.

I contacted support and they came into my pc to attempty a fix but it still happens. Been searching everywhere how to shut this thing off. I don';t care if it irunning things in the background. If there is an issue, then popup, otherwise do the work without bothering my screen.