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NIS Firewall settings pop-up message?

I recently purchased Norton Internet Security for Mac Software and downloaded it to my machine and now I'm constantly receiving this annoying pop-up message regarding my firewall settings.  

The message states:

An unknown service (port 31361) is starting on your Mac.

If you don't change firewall settings, the firewall will block connections from other computers to this service on your Mac.

Then it gives me a few options.

I choose "Allow all connections to this service" and I check "Always take this action" then hit "save", what follows are a series of similar pop-messages, all with a different port number.  Under the "More Information" section of this pop-up message shows the path to an application I use called "Windows Live Mesh". I've been using this app for a while now, before downloading Norton, and it allows me to sync documents and folders between my Windows laptop and my Mac computer. 

Here are some configurations I checked:

Firewall (of course) is enabled

Location Awareness disabled

Advanced Protection enabled

Connection Blocking is set to ON

Application Blocking is set to OFF

Vulnerability Protection is ON

Version information: NIS for Mac (under the about section is shows Ver. 2.1.1(5)

If any more is information is needed to fix this problem, please let me know. I have a screenshot, but I was unable to attach to post. 

At least I know the Norton Software is working, but not like I'd like it to work.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!