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Android NAT Plugin Battery Consumption.


I have done some extensive battery consumption tests with the NMS addon being

NAT Plugin.I have been monitoring battery usgae for a while now and find that with

NAT Plugin installed and active i use 30-40% more battery.

The tests are run with a Samsung Galaxy S 2 with a genuine 2000 mah battery.

I have tried different location methods being WiFi not connected and GPS and 

Wireless Networks all together or in single use and pretty much the same results

all the time. I have changed NAT Web portal frequency settings and still exactly

the same results with power consumption.

My main question is if there was a option to change the NAT Web Portal location

frequency to none would that prevent excessive battery consumption from the 

NAT Plugin.??

And when needed to locate a device the user could simply select LOCK DEVICE

from the NAT Web Portal or change the frequency to 1 hour which ever is required.

As i cannot test such a feature all i can test is location methods and the preset

amounts with frequency of location in the Web Portal, and 1 and 12 hours consume

the same amount of battery, there is nearly no difference. So would none if added

to frequency make a difference.??

Otherwise it is a great app and addon for the Symantec Norton Mobile Security Android