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Temporarily remove identity data

I'm sending my computer in for repair and would like to temporarily remove the Identity Safe data.

I want to leave Norton 360 installed and operating.

I would just feel more comfortable if there was less sensitive data on the computer.


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Re: Temporarily remove identity data

Hi Tractorboyflys,

There is a "Delete Data" option located in the Identity Safe Settings.  Before removing your data you should use the "Export Data" option to create a backup of your data on external media.  Use the .DAT format so that you can easily import the information back when you get the PC returned to you.

You also want to backup all of your personal files, even though you may be leaving them on the hard drive.  You don't want to risk losing your data due to something that the repair tech might do while working on the PC.


Re: Temporarily remove identity data

Thank You

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