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Time change messing up auto logoff ?

The computer the child uses has an allowed usage time till midnight on Friday's & Saturday nights.

About 12:30a, I started to mess around with my router & they mentioned the computer kept saying the network connection was connected/disconnected, which he shouldn't have been able to see since the computer should have been logged out.

The computer didn't finally logoff until about 1:45am



Re: Time change messing up auto logoff ?

Ok I checked today & it says the computer is scheduled to log off an hour later then previously scheduled (having the portal set for my time zone).  I remember the last time this happened, people had to use a different time zone to get it to be on the right time. 

I updated mine to one time zone ahead, saved & went to the computer & updated the house rules, where it still says the user has an extra hour (i.e. the portal is set to logoff at 9pm & the time left feature says it will log off at 10pm)


Re: Time change messing up auto logoff ?

Hi choliscott,

Please make sure the time is set up correctly at

1. Start/Settings/Control Panel/Date and Time &/Time and Zone on the PC

2.  Time Zone after you click the “Manage Account” link after you log onto your Norton Online Family account



Thanks Katie

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