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Power of the Checkmark: Trust the Norton Secured Seal

Guest post by Fran Rosch, Vice President of Identity and Authentication, Symantec

Today, the VeriSign seal got a new look and became the new Norton Secured Seal. One of the questions we get asked the most is why make this change to one of the most recognized trust marks on the Internet. Our response, it just makes sense for us and for our customers.

By combining the power of the VeriSign checkmark with the industry’s most respected Norton brand, we are creating the most valued and highly visible security seal on the Internet. Businesses will experience the same high security standards and protection that was delivered from the previous VeriSign seal. The rigorous and proven authentication processes ensures their customers and information stays safe and secure.

The Value of a Trust Seal

The Norton Secured Seal is an indispensable tool and is valued by business customers for its proven ability to provide consumers a secure online experience while instilling confidence and trust in their website. By displaying the Norton Secured Seal on a website, businesses can attract new visitors while maintaining high levels of traffic that are crucial to a website’s success. The seal can also help reassure these visitors that they can trust the link, trust the site, and trust the transaction with the seal present at all stages of the purchase process.

From The Mouths of Customers

We are already receiving positive feedback from our customers. To prepare customers for this seamless transition as well as gauge their response to the new seal, a group of Symantec customers were provided early access to the new Norton Secured Seal. Overall, these customers experienced increased traffic and conversions with the new Norton Secured Seal. Here is a sampling of their responses: “Customers see the Norton seal and get an extra boost of confidence at a critical juncture in the purchase process. The benefits of that are immeasurable.” David Tallon, E-Commerce Director, Freshwatersystems.com “We tested the seals and found that our registration rate with the Norton Secured Seal was just as strong as with the VeriSign seal. Our customers are clearly familiar with the Norton brand and feel comfortable transacting on our site when they see the Norton seal.” Darren Shafae, Founder, Papercheck “We ran an A/B split test, and we were able to see with certainty that the Norton Secured Seal offered a better experience for users, kept them on our site longer, and did a better job of moving them to the next page. You can’t argue with that.” Corey Frons,Chief Marketing Officer, BulbAmerica

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

As if the rave reviews by our customers weren’t enough, we conducted extensive studies with consumers to measure the effectiveness of the Norton Secured Seal. The results were heavily favorable for the Norton seal.

  • 77% of consumers recognized the Norton Secured Seal, more than our competitors' trust seals.
  • 94% of consumers are likely to continue an online purchase when they view the Norton Secured Seal during the checkout process, more than other seals or no seal displayed.
  • 90% of consumers will not continue a transaction if they see a browser warning page indicating the absence of a secure connection.


Greater Protection for You, Your Business and the Internet

Since the VeriSign acquisition in 2010, Symantec swiftly integrated the VeriSign brand and technologies expanding their portfolio of Website Security Solutions. This comprehensive portfolio offers integrated SSL authentication and security solutions including malware scans, Seal-in-Search, Vulnerability Assessments, and the Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center. This broad solutions portfolio will be highly regarded and represented by the new Norton Secured Seal. Websites with the new seal assures people it’s safe to shop, play and interact without the fear of cyber threats and malware attacks. Spread the power of the checkmark to your family, friends and colleagues. You’re helping us protect them and their information. Learn more about the Norton Secured Seal and how it’s protecting companies from the enterprise to SMB and to the small mom and pop businesses.