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2014 Mobile Trends: Norton at CES

Mobile technologies sure-to-trend in 2014 include "smart" connected devices and wearable gadgets. With 2.88 billion people reached by the #CES2014 hashtag, according to the Consumer Electronics Association, this new tech is growing in popularity in no time. Watch the best-of from Norton at CES.

Did you miss the Norton Truck interactive mobile privacy experience at CES? You can still try Norton Mobile Security for free, here: https://mobilesecurity.norton.com/

 Read on for more quick tips to protect your mobile privacy:

  • Protect your private info: Did you know? 1-in-4 smartphone users have had their mobile device lost or stolen. Smartphones and tablets are now digital wallets, links to social networks, and much more. That personal information is more important than the device itself. Using a device-lock password is the first step to prevent thieves from accessing financial and personal information on your mobile.
  • App permissions: Always look closely at an app’s permissions before accepting and downloading. Compromised apps could contain malware (or malicious software) – a threat capable of stealing information from your mobile. Norton Mobile Security identifies and lets you remove apps that have potential privacy risks, plus neutralizes malware, greyware and other mobile threats. 
  • Back up mobile files: A regular backup of contacts, media and documents on your smartphone and tablets can protect irreplaceable data from loss or theft. Investigate your options for implementing a regular backup plan. The backup feature in Norton Mobile Security can be your friend here too.