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Mobile Security Smarts: How Hack-Proof are Your Mobile Habits?

With holiday gift-giving going mobile, are you eyeing a new device? More than half of holiday shoppers plan to purchase a tech accessory this season, with TVs, tablets, and smartphones topping many wishlists. While two-thirds of those shoppers plan to use a mobile device to help them make holiday purchases (according to ce.org). Do you have the right habits to keep a shiny new device secure? Put your mobile habits to the security test. Top takeaways for smarter mobile security. Be cautious of connecting to public wi-fi and mobile hotspots while you’re on the go. These networks are n...
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Top 10 Small Business Resolutions & Strategies To Achieve Them

With the New Year ahead, and cyber threats continuing to loom over businesses, 2015 will likely bring more sophisticated and complex attacks. Security analysts called 2013 “The Year of The Mega Breach.” According to Symantec’s 2014 Internet Security Threat Report, businesses saw a 91 percent increase in targeted attacks and a 62 percent increase in the number of breaches. Additionally, the recent string of credit card breaches targeting major retailers also provide further reminder that cybercrime remains prevalent and that cyber threats show no sign of slowing down. The exploitable vuln...
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