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Online Christmas Shopping: Naughty or Nice?

Surprisingly, in this always-connected day and age, people surveyed by Norton in Australia and New Zealand said they plan to do less than 40% of their Christmas shopping online. Norton released results of their Online Shopping Survey just in time for the holidays, when online retailers offer sales to lure shoppers into buying presents for themselves and others. However, the survey results may indicate those promotions are not enough to encourage security-concerned shoppers to buy online. While concerns about online shopping risks are high, only 23 % of people in Australia and 20% of peop...
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The 12 Days of Norton

"We’re counting down days until Christmas is here,
And gifting you cool security tips to be of good cheer,

And make sure this season is the best of your year."

Join us every day for a new Norton tip to keep your holidays merry and bright. A secure holiday is a happy holiday with Norton.

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How To Set Up and Secure Your New Tech

Congratulations on your new device! You’re likely caught up in the fun of having a new gadget, and probably shopping for a shiny (or sparkly) new case. While a case protects your device from nature and clumsy hands, it doesn’t make your phone absolutely safe. Why? Because it doesn’t protect what matters most—your information. Think about all that you do on your devices—sharing precious photos, ordering your favorite latte, and shopping. With the rise of cybercrime and the high costs associated with it, it’s even more important that you learn how to protect what matters most—the personal i...
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Data Breaches That Made Headlines in 2016

980 data breaches occurred in 2016. That left an approximate 35,233,317 known records exposed. Over the years, data breaches have become more sophisticated, and cybercriminals target both large corporations and small businesses. 2016 saw a string of data breaches that left sensitive information of millions of people at the mercy of cybercriminals. In addition to financial consequences, these data breaches ruined customer trust and the reputation of the companies in question. As we look back at 2016 here are some of the most impactful data breaches that shook the world. 117 Million Lin...
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