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Smart Tips For Smart TV Watching With Dad

It’s Father’s Day once more on June 15th, but this isn’t any old Father’s Day – this one might as well have every dad’s birthday and Christmas Day rolled in as well. Yes, Father’s Day in 2014 falls right at the start of the World Cup in Brazil and on the final day of the US Open golf championship, which makes it all the more likely that dad will be settling down in his armchair to enjoy that new Smart TV he’s had his eye on. But as with anything that connects to the Internet, it pays to be aware of the security issues, and Smart TVs are no different. Only this week the news has been full ...
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What is Cyber Espionage?

When you think of espionage, characters like James Bond might come to mind- having to travel halfway around the world, pretending to be someone they’re not, infiltrating organizations and stealing secrets. Even though James Bond is just a fictional character, old school spies like that do exist. However, with the advancement of all of our data becoming digitized, we’re quickly becoming introduced to the new school version of spies- cyber spies. New school espionage simplifies the spying process extremely. Companies and institutions store almost an overabundance of data in their systems. I...
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The 12 Days of Norton

"We’re counting down days until Christmas is here,
And gifting you cool security tips to be of good cheer,

And make sure this season is the best of your year."

Join us every day for a new Norton tip to keep your holidays merry and bright. A secure holiday is a happy holiday with Norton.

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