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Norton Mobile Security Receives AV-TEST Innovation Award

Norton was presented with the Innovation Award for Norton Mobile Security’s App Advisor for Google Play from AV-TEST during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, because of the unique innovation that has helped provide the next level of mobile protection for the changing digital security landscape. As smartphones continue to evolve into being used as personal computers, more and more sensitive information gets stored on the device. We shop, we do our finances, we connect to other devices, communicate, and even entertain ourselves.. What mobile users should be more aware of is that s...
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Spring Break and Mobile Device Safety

Technology can add many conveniences to travel: you can check into your flight via smartphone, make last-minute reservations for restaurants or local attractions, take hundreds of photos to commemorate your trip, and even get a little help navigating an unfamiliar city. However, when packing and planning for a vacation, how often do you think of mobile device security? Between picking out the perfect bikini, and loading up all of your ski gear, mobile security is probably the last thing on your mind, but it should be the first. We live so much of our lives through our devices these days; ...
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Apple’s iOS 9 Shines The Spotlight On Security

It’s another year and another shiny new iOS for all to enjoy! Apple hits the mark on all the usual exciting, fun enhancements such as a more intelligent Siri, and those new Emojis we’ve all been waiting for. However, after a few privacy mishaps last year, such as the iCloud photo breach, an iCloud password vulnerability, and the more recent keyraider malware, Apple took notice and significantly upped their security game. Private Means Private! iOS 9 will not tie any usage data to an Apple ID or any other Apple service. The data is now completely anonymized, and Apple states that they w...
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