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Cybersecurity Trends and How-to Protect Your Business

Information security is more important than ever when it comes to safeguarding small business. According to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report a noteworthy 30% of all spear-phishing attacks were aimed at small businesses in 2013, while one in five small businesses received at least one targeted spear-phishing email. In 2014, we identified a few technology trends that will have a direct impact on small businesses and the way they protect business critical information. All eyes will be on protecting Privacy From scary headline news to a much-needed wake-up call, consumers and sma...
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What is Cyber Espionage?

When you think of espionage, characters like James Bond might come to mind- having to travel halfway around the world, pretending to be someone they’re not, infiltrating organizations and stealing secrets. Even though James Bond is just a fictional character, old school spies like that do exist. However, with the advancement of all of our data becoming digitized, we’re quickly becoming introduced to the new school version of spies- cyber spies. New school espionage simplifies the spying process extremely. Companies and institutions store almost an overabundance of data in their systems. I...
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