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Kudos1 Stats


SONAR is a behavioral security engine that is at the heart of our antimalware defenses. With the unprecedented growth in malware that has been observed over the last few years, an effective security product has to able to distinguish a bad piece of new binary/software from a good one without the need for a fingerprint.  SONAR, first introduced a couple years ago into the Norton products, has been re-written for the 2010 products to keep pace with today’s threat landscape and take advantage of other new capabilities, such as our Quorum reputation services. Why do we need behavioral security...
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Kudos2 Stats

SONAR 3: A new level of behavioral security in Norton 2011

This year we have some innovative changes that build upon the successful, effective, and efficient SONAR 2 behavioral security engine. For those who are not familiar with SONAR technology, here is a link to an article that describes it. With SONAR 2, we have a proven track record of being able to convict malware and secure Norton users from malware designed to evade most other security features. In the last nine months alone we prevented upward of 4.2 million infections out of about 140 million incidents that we analyzed for Norton users. Most of these incidents were never-before-seen malw...
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