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New Years Security Resolutions

While any time is a good time to adopt new habits, the New Year seems to be the most popular time for resolutions. When most people are resolving to make changes to their lifestyle, health, and habits, a lot of people do not realize that they should consider making resolutions to their digital lifestyle as well. Here are some suggested resolutions to living a healthy and secure online life. Software Updates- Install Early, Install Often Software vulnerabilities are security holes discovered and exploited by hackers that allow them to access your computer. The attacks are carried out by...
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How to Prepare a Smartphone or Tablet for Vacation

There are few times your smartphone or tablet will be more at risk than when you go on vacation. Although these items have been specifically designed to accompany you on your travels, they’re full of personal information that can put you, your finances, and your personal property at risk. There’s no reason to assume the worst when you go on vacation, but you can greatly reduce your chances of a security breach by preparing your smartphone or tablet ahead of time and remaining vigilant while on your trip. Here’s how to prepare a smartphone or tablet before you go on vacation. Change You...
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