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The Facts About Jailbreaking iOS Devices

While jailbreaking an iPhone seems to open up the device to limitless possibilities, it is actually, in fact, a large security risk for your phone. Jailbreaking can allow users to bypass many iOS restrictions they might consider limiting, such as being only able to download apps from the Apple iOS App Store and other types of personal customizations of the device. However, this also means that cybercriminals have access to a much larger security hole to attack the device.  All Apple devices carry a “sandboxing” feature that is native in all OS’s. Sandboxing is a program that essentially ...
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Apple’s iOS 9 Shines The Spotlight On Security

It’s another year and another shiny new iOS for all to enjoy! Apple hits the mark on all the usual exciting, fun enhancements such as a more intelligent Siri, and those new Emojis we’ve all been waiting for. However, after a few privacy mishaps last year, such as the iCloud photo breach, an iCloud password vulnerability, and the more recent keyraider malware, Apple took notice and significantly upped their security game. Private Means Private! iOS 9 will not tie any usage data to an Apple ID or any other Apple service. The data is now completely anonymized, and Apple states that they w...
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