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Participating in Legitimate Surveys- What Personal Data is OK to Give Away

Companies of all sizes use online surveys to gather important market research, which they later utilize to direct product development and marketing initiatives. This critical step in the marketing process is appealing to some online users because they get paid to complete surveys, and earn rewards or special discounts from popular brands. Some surveys aren’t paid at all, offering consumers little more than the opportunity to participate in the development process of a product or service. There’s been a lot of hype about people allegedly making a living off of these online surveys, causing...
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The 12 Days of Norton

"We’re counting down days until Christmas is here,
And gifting you cool security tips to be of good cheer,

And make sure this season is the best of your year."

Join us every day for a new Norton tip to keep your holidays merry and bright. A secure holiday is a happy holiday with Norton.

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