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Norton Management

One of the great new features we’re adding to the Norton 2012 product line is the ability to manage your installed Norton products from one central website.  Have you ever received a call from your remote family member that their Norton product is out of date or their Norton subscription needs a renewal?  Before the management feature, you’d have to physically be present to address these issues.  Now, once you have installed Norton Management on a device, you can handle these things (and more) from the Management website! The site gives an overview of all your managed machines and you can...
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Norton, In-Depth - Part 1

Everyone here at Norton is extremely excited about this new release of the Norton security products! This is the first time we are launching all three products at once: Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, and Norton 360. In this two-part blog post, I plan on going through some of the new features and improvements we have made. The first part will cover some of the things we’ve done on the protection side, while the second part will cover the performance and experience side of things. Hopefully this will explain how some of these technologies will make your computing life safer and ...
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