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BYOD in K-12 Schools: 5 Tips to Help Parents Keep Their Kids Safe

   Despite controversial beginnings, many school districts across the United States are embracing BYOD—bring your own device—in the classroom by expanding curriculum to include student owned devices. With this trend gaining momentum, some districts are starting to run pilot programs to explore the benefits of bringing mobility to classrooms through BYOD. Rather than fighting against change, forward thinking school districts are moving into 21st century learning environments because they recognize the advantages of incorporating tehcnology and learning applications into the classroom to bet...
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Think Twice Before Forgoing Security on The Connected Devices You Receive—or Gift—This Holiday Season!

With the Holiday festivities upon us, it’s likely that Internet connected gadgets have topped your list of things to buy. As you search with excitement to find the device that best fulfills your needs, the thought of installing security software on them might not be at the forefront of your mind. However, considering that an alarming 63 percent of mobile device owners fell victim to cybercrime in 2013, it’s important to take steps to keep the information on your mobile devices secure. Past events continue to substantiate that securing all connected devices is the smartest and easiest ...
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